'Pregnant Longer Than Humans' LP (1994, infinite chug, CHUG4)
tracklist :: Pregnant Longer Than Humans: Part One (Evidence Of Vikings) --
Part Two (Them There Eyes)
Stomach Rule: (friend)

'Keep Calm ~ And Dig' CD (1998, infinite chug, CHUG8CD)
tracklist :: Legacy Is A Bus -- Brownian Motion -- Hello, I am Antler Spice -- Ibrox To Tolzbad -- El Nino -- Please Hammer, Don't Hurt Them -- Walking There And Then Walking back again -- !!!LIKE PERSON SHAPE TINSEL!!! -- Stick Your Components -- The Appliance Of Silence -- HOW NOW BROWN COW -- Hazelnut.


'In Glorious Space Age Stereo: Gods With Proboscis' 7"
(1995, Destroy All music, DAM25)
(split single with I'm Being Good)
Small Things track :: Electricity Is Fun

'Breaking The Plastic Hymen' 4X7" (199_, fisheye, _____)
Small Things track :: Glow In The Dark Prisoner

'Woozy # 20' CD + Zine (1997, choozy ____)
Small Things tracks :: Shrunken Leg -- Mint Suck

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