Trumans Water
possibly the greatest band to ever walk the earth, plenty of links to other neat sites.

The Supreme Dicks
this links to dicks' cohort Dan Kapelovitz's page, from there you can find out about his paintings, the Supreme Dicks, and play 'will dan kapelovitz eat it?'

Dame Darcy
all about the seminal artist/actress/musician/film maker herself. some nice drawings.


pricilia records
interesting improv label. just released clarence palmer's 'STUCK IN A HEDGE' CD

canadian label just about to put out a compilation with NOOK on it.

MOZ's noise label

ee: lettro
great new italian label. home of Candies. supplier of chug produce, and more.

label, fanzine, distro, and home of RED MONKEY.

kylie distribution
another good uk mail order source


new animation site, check out Rob Ramsden's 'TEEVEY' cartoons
delve further into Rob Ramsden's troubled world.
stunning site by the creator of Mr. Lunch.
an aladdin's cave of crap.

Pine Forest
you've (not) heard the band, now see the film! our interactive pine forest is here!

check out the ecity, it's beautiful

Toy Museum
it's a toy museum

WFMU live audio stream
neat station playing improv, noise, free jazz, and occasional artrock.

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