it's been a while. My hand got all messed up again, but we've been working on plenty of new I'M BEING GOOD and PINE FOREST material.
also, they're got their own website! check it out: www.imbeinggood.com.

also, check out the infinite chug FORUM

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green giant
green giant's eyeballs
rabbit's eyeballs

you're at the infinite chug page. it's a record company. here's what we do:

whoa there! are we modern or what? new ON LINE ORDERING facility!

the sweet music you can hear at the moment is BALD MERMAID from the Chug6LP 'let us be your snails'

if you want our action but can't afford it or you're too damn tight or inept to lick a stamp then you'll be pleased to know you can now DOWNLOAD CD QUALITY MP3's FOR FREE

or jump to::

you can email us here

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