'Hate Sturdy Buildings' 7" (1993, infinite Chug: CHUG1)

tracklist :: Suzi Quatro -- Real Hate Really Is Really Real
Posturing Of Deer -- Year Plan.

'We Have The Balleeeen' 7" (1994, infinite Chug: CHUG2)

tracklist :: Flat Response -- Bank Of Suck
Stupid Intervals -- Buzz Tactic - X

'Horse Man Ship' LP (1994-5, Lissys: Liss 05)

tracklist :: Country Boy On The Sniff -- Living Stomach -- Suzi Quatro (different version) -- Duped_BiSlint -- Let's Go! Sports Family!
Flying Fatso -- Non-Existant Huts -- I Am Bongo Legs -- DoubleYou -- Black Sabbath Murder Weekend.

(Tracks on side two were originally recorded as a Peel session in 1994, side one recorded in 1995 at Low Brow Hi Fi. There were prblems with the master tape from the BBC that led to the unexpected delay of this record. And although these problems were resolved by early 1996, Lissy's has subsequently made little effort to release this material. The better tracks are currently finding their way onto various compilations around the globe)

'Poisonous Life' CD (1999, infinite Chug: Chug12)

tracklist :: Momo Won't Eat -- What Is Phonewolf -- blackbelt@cold.hands -- Hangman -- Country Boy On The Sniff -- Finger To Other Bands -- Poisonous Life -- Safety Without Numbers -- Villagers -- Special Propaganda Elephant -- Mute Spotting

'Sub Plot' CD (2001, infinite Chug: Chug15)

tracklist :: Angels On Our Shoulders -- Kill HIm With War Savings -- Joust --
He Has Unborn Eyes On Long Tinsel Stalks -- Silent Spring --
Solar System Of Blood (For Ringo)


'In Glorious Space Age Stereo: Gods With Proboscis' 7" (1995, Destroy All Music, DAM25) (split single with Small Things)

I'm Being Good track :: Cooper's Farm

Breaking the Plastic Hymen 4X7" set (199_, Fisheye, _____)

I'm Being Good track :: three:ten

'Disco Sucks' CD / 7"set (1996, Che Trading, Che60CD)

I'm Being Good track :: Salmon Not Eels

(with the exception of a couple of tracks this CD sucks and is not reccomended)

'Elastic Jet Mission' LP (1996, Slampt!, Slampt!28)

I'm Being Good tracks :: Slimy Veil -- Town Is Weird

'4-Track-4-Track' 7" (1997, Slampt!, Slampt!__)

I'm Being Good track :: Killick Vs. Pye

Trumans Water / I'm Being Good 7" (1998, Infinite Chug, Chug11)

I'm Being Good track :: Waste Of Bullets

'Scandalized, Traumatized, and Baptized' 2XLP(2000, Paroxysm)

I'm Being Good track :: Duped_BiSlint

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