bald mermaid ~ let us be your snails LP (CHUG 6, 1996)

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rule with hate

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An impressive clatter rules the roost at Chateau Bald Mermaid: from the very beginning of this LP a combination of kitchen sink percussion, tape loops and effects lays down a consistent jitter that runs across the album. A note from the label intimates that both Bald Mermaid and the album by the Small Things feature members of a band called I’m Being Good. Knowing nothing about the latter, i can only assume that these are home recordings of some type. For Bald Mermaid that must mean constant frittering with tape decks. Let Us Be Your Snails jumps and twists from song to song with hardly room for rest or relief. As a matter of fact, yes, it can be irritating. There are also nuggets of goodness to be found as the sheer number of songs (i count sixteen) yields up some bite-sized mixtures of melodic savvy amidst the angular skree. Infinite Chug plan on releasing a Derek Bailey / Thurston Moore Collaboration called XIII Ghosts; that ought to give you a rough idea of the territory Bald Mermaid is occupying, albeit in a less serious manner. I can’t attest to the long-term listening value of this album. It does have a neat silk - screened cover (Sperm Whale vs. Giant Squid!) and is limited to a pressing of 271 if those sorts of factors sway you at all. [Infinite Chug, 14 Worcester Close, Langdon Hills, Essex, ss16 6tw,UK]
Bruce Adams
[your flesh #36]

One of Andrew Clare’s many musical toys, and this is a particularly whacked out one, combining the cut up discharge of Truncated Spur with I’m Being Good’s more crazed moments. I bet he had alot of fun. 8/10
joe morris [speeder #3]