small things ~ pregnant longer than humans LP (CHUG 4, 1995)

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Amiable, low key and somewhat dissonant, Small Things sort of amble along in a barely coherent manner. The guitars interweave and bob like a drugged up Uncle Wiggly, minus that band’s sharp interplay. The woozy meandering reaches peak effectiveness by the second track (there are three cuts on the album), by which time the listener comes to accept the band’s peculiar logic. Small Things take the deliberate ineptness favoured by many american indie bands and channel it into instrumentals that establish their own logic where bass, drums and guitar are in no hurry to lock into step. Nothing here will grab you immediately, it might even turn you off at first. The sweet and (mostly) sour clutter of the second side long track “develops” more quickly than the tracks on the first, but that leaves Small Thing a structure that they they can more effectively allow to decay. Some strange woodwind sounds and percussive aids appear amidst the serpentine guitars. And somehow the whole process begins to make itself more intriguing. I could do without the noisy crescendo at the end, but Small Things have made an interesting album nonetheless. [Infinite Chug, 14 Worcester Close, Langdon Hills, Essex, SS16 6TW, UK]
Bruce Adams [your flesh #36]

debut lp of lo fi improvised jazz form that pocket of underground weirdness known as brighton and eastbourne(?!)... Small things play all manner of instruments in a style that some lazy reviewer could probably lump in with Tortoise or someone, but they’re not as carefully crafted as that. This music is more loose and free flowing, meandering in it’s own time and space and building up to crescendos which melt away into an array of plinks, plonks, and subtle guitar riffs.Connoisseurs of several vertigo club/pop narkotics, Small Things always put on a great show. Last time, andrew played slide guitar with 2 broken fingers and jase was spotted doing a bit of scratching on a kid’s toy record player. This LP has hand crafted sleeves, this particular one has cut-outs of carrots, beans, and peas being grown in jam on the front, and some very fetching tropical birds on the back. [vertigo#5]

There's a new small things record out NOW NOW NOW NOW, but that also coincides with the release of this vinyl version of what Vince Pollard at I Think X called his favourite tape ever, or something, plus this was cheaper, so, being the desperate keen I am, I bought it, and god is it nice. Andru at IC calls them "Tortoise On Barbiturates" and that might not be far off. Especially the "On Barbiturates" bit. Defiantly mellow, rambling, laid back, improv.d jangle, from 3 guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiguuugguugugggggg guugugugugugugugugugrTs, drums, clarinet, trumpet, sarangi and bass just seem to chime and groove. This locks into rhythms seemingly on it's own accord, and when Mogwai's dishonest brand of corp. post-hardcore is about to go worldwide, things like this can only be encouraged. Suffered only slightly from the popularity of "Tago Mago" at my house at the mo'. [broken guitar]