trumans water / im being good ~ split 7" (CHUG 1, 1993)
trumans water / i'm being good 7"

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im being good's waste of bullets

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It's the I'M BEING GOOD side you'll be wanting to hear, wherein Brighton's finest grimacing/grunty noise band pretent they're covering "Live And Let Die" and let rip with their punk rock chug style. It's the sound of how bored you become when kids in the backyard keep aiming fireworks at your window panes and you have nothing better to do than let the window down. Nifty hand made luxury sleeve, too. And yes, the TRUMANS WATER side is neato hardcore noise experimentation. Pavement? get the fuck outta my sight! Please.
Everett True [melody maker, 12.12.98]