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21st November 2003
this news page is bunk. there is plainly no news.

17th April 2003
forgot to mention the 2minutemen2 double 7" is out now with our damn song on it. you can get it here:

16th Feb 2003
we're writing new material faster than you could eat a horse whilst saying jack robinson.
check out the new bulletin board!

06th Feb 2003
i added a shopping cart so y'all can buy stuff.

22nd Jan 2003
we're going to tour scandinavia in the summer. watch this space.
also, a gig in farringdon on 29th of march!

17th Jan 2003
the 2 minuteman recording went good! our song rolls in at about 1 minute 40. it's called NOSTALGIC FOR FAKE TIMES. it has 6.5 riffs. that's an average of about 15 seconds for each riff. catchy little fucker it is, too. I did the chokes at home with a cardboard box on my head. it's actually like 5 cardboard boxes all inside eachother, then a 4-inch layer of bubblewrap, and then another larger carboard box on the outside. there's a hole in the bottom for my head and a little hole in the front for the microphone. i couldn't get the thing off after one take and thought i was going to suffocate, or at least spend the rest of my life sleeping sitting upright like the elephant man. it all worked out in the end though. we mixed it but we can't decide which mix we like best.

update, Jan 2003.
my hand is still kinda fucked up so we're still taking things a little slow. Jussi had some tinnitus so he's dropped out for the time being, so we're currently a power trio again. except with a bass.

we're recording a track for the next 2 minuteman compilation in a couple of days.

i had a tour diary published in issue 9 of careless talk costs lives